With art I like to stay on the bright side. I like to play with colour and shape, texture and layers. Colour often has the leading role in my work and I'm totally obsessed with markmaking - all sorts of lines, squares and circles. The different, smart and most of all fun ways to represent and show a certain colour or shape excites me. I don't strive for perfection, rather I love to create art that is slightly flawed but beautiful.

My work always reflects my current moods and thoughts. I like to keep it real - my art strongly reflects me, who I am, the way I think and the way I see things around me. Every painting is a move forward pinpointing my journey and making it visible. My style has evolved during my years of making and it keeps evolving still. It is a journey most exciting and I can't wait to see what happens next!

The colours and shapes on a surface create something authentic, uniquely beautiful to bring joy every day.